Emotional roller coaster ride

Readers. We all know Mondays are supposed to be dedicated to the blues, but today I feel uplifted. Could be all the sugar I have running in my system right now, but I feel like Sven is watching from the sidelines today. He makes appearances, of course he does, ‘cause I still get hit with feelings of anxiety. It’s like a roller coaster inside my soul. Mostly though; I feel like I’m riding the happy-train. Woot woot!

Days like these, the happy days; are made for planning. Planning what to do and eat during the week. It’s also for plotting. Against Sven. Yes, I know he can read this right now, since we share a brain. I have a plan for taking Sven down, don’t worry. So feel the fear Sven, run if you want. You know how I like to hunt.

Oh well, since today has been such a good day I’m going to make sure I get to bed early. Or earlier than yesterday. It’s 22:50 now.

Na-night who ever reads this.
Sweet dreams.


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